6Cash - Digital Wallet mobile app with Laravel Admin Panel.

6Cash - Digital Wallet mobile app with Laravel Admin Panel developed using Laravel and Flutter Framework. 6cash’s Powerful admin panel will help you to control your business smartly.


6cash is very powerful digital Wallet mobile app system in codecanyon.

Several Type Of Transaction

6cash is a Digital wallet-supported system where you can make several types of transactions like Add Money, Send Money, Cash Out and Request Money from both the customer app and Agent app.

Account Section

6cash admin panel will provide you to create multiple accounts for customers and agents. So you can add an unlimited number of accounts and manage those from the admin panel easily.

SMS OTP integrated

6cash comes with a bunch of integrated SMS Gateways. All of them are popular and you can verify your customers in a smarter way.

Money Transfer

6cash admin panel has multiple Money Transfer systems for customers and agents. So customers and agents can get money from the admin panel.

Transaction reporting desk

The transaction table contains all types of transaction reports. So you can view all the transaction reports of admin, customers, and agents

Dynamic Theme selection

6cash Theme selection feature will help you to choose a different theme for the customer app

QR code scanner

6cash QR code scanner enables you to send money, cash out, and request money in the quickest and safest possible way in the customer app. Secure Send Money transactions for the agent app are also available.

Marketing Section

6cash Admin will provide you with a very rich admin panel where you can control all the major things for the marketing. Campaigns, banners, Coupon and Push notifications features will help you to grow your business very fast.

Request Money section

customers of 6cash can send an unlimited number of money requests to each other. They can quickly accept, deny, or hold this request in pending status. The agent also sent the admin a money request, which the admin can easily approve, deny, or hold in pending status.

Business Section

6Cash - Digital Wallet mobile app with Laravel Admin Panel

Business Setting

Business Settings will help you to set up your business as you wish. You will get lots of configuration to make your business unique.

Complete Featured User App

You will get 6cash mobile app source code with this bundle. We developed this by flutter so the app can be usable by both android and iOS.

Multiple Payment Gateways

6cash comes with a bunch of integrated payment gateway. All of them are popular and you can start your business immediately.

Both iOS and Android supported (Flutter App).

6cash mobile app is developed after lots of UI/UX thinking, So the app is very customer friendly and your customer also will be satisfied after they install the app.

Integrated Payment Gateways

Integrated SMS Gateways

Installation Plans

6Cash - Digital Wallet mobile app Pricing

We offer great prices, premium products and quality service for your business.

Basic Plan

  • Setup Admin panel on your hosting.
  • Configure User app and agent app with your admin panel.
  • Customize App name, logo, Colors, Package Name, Splash Screen, etc
  • Setup OTP configuration

Advance Plan

  • All Basic Plan
  • Configure Push notification
  • Setup payment gateways
  • Third party Api setup (All google map API setup included)

Pro Plan

  • All Advanced Plan
  • Translate all applications to your local language
  • Upload User and Agent apps to google play store.
  • [Optional] Upload Apps to Apple Store (Need to add more +200$ per app for Apple store release)